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Installation Overview


Ductless Split Air Conditioner Installation Outline.

* Even though the instructions for the mini-split installation is a relatively simple process, it is still highly recommended that an HVAC professional conduct the procedure*

Ductless Split installation picture

A ductless split air conditioning system consists of four major components (all included with each purchased unit):

1. The condensing - compressor unit Sits Outside
Conpressor Fan and Motor isolated outside
2. An Air Handler is placed inside and emits the cool air
Air Handler is the Inside Unit
3. A wireless remote control controls all functions
Wireless Remote controls all functions
4. All Installation accessories & Manual
Includes all Installation Accessories

When the setup is complete, it will look something similar to the illustration on the right; where the sleek air-handler is mounted on a wall and the noisy, large compressor fan - motor is isolated outside. This setup not only eliminates noise pollution but also free's up indoor space. Because the air is cooled and released directly at the air handler and not losing any temperature traveling through conduits of duct-work, the ductless split cooling system is up to 30% more energy efficient than central air.

  Split AC illustration diagram