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About the Manufacturers

Offering great - low cost variety of Standard 13 SEER and inverter DC systems, Aircon has been a admired supplier of air conditioner equipment since 2007.  However, with the release of the acclaimed Inverter DC Silver Series, Aircon reshaped the landscape of the mini split industry forever.   Without a doubt, for applications that require 24000 BTU's of Cooling, the 22 SEER 2 TON is one the most groundbreaking units to have entered the market within the decade.  Besides for boasting +4 SEER points over any other unit in its class this series is very reliable and surprisingly low-priced.   Aircon is defiantly a brand that goes the distance always on the cutting edge of mini split design.  Low problem rate components that's reassured with an extended 2 year part warranty.

For many applications, YMGI may be the only viable option.  Based out of O'fallon Missouri, YMGI packages ductless systems in some of the most unique and atypical configurations on the market.  5 Ton Dual Zone (30000 x 2) and there acclaimed multi-modular 4-5 Ton 16 SEER Inverter condensers which can be outfitted with up to 5 air handler outputs to accommodate the most custom of applications. YMGI also offers ceiling cassette and ceiling suspended options to meet any requirement and it's WMMS-58 series inverter systems have been one of the most sought after single zone cool/heat units  of 2010.  Low problem rate equipment and using the acclaimed Mitsubishi W7-3 and Sanyo T1-T6 series compressors, this company knows what they're doing when it comes to ductless systems. 
Klimaire is a company that has been in the industry for over 5 years.  A comprehensive catalog of ductless systems ranging from single zone 13 SEER to multi-zone zone Inverter types carrying up to 4 zones.  There KSIM series dual, tri and quad zone have become the most popular packaged multi-zone splits in the industry and the KSWM is the lowest priced 13 SEER system on the market.  Klimaire assembles a wide range of ductless ac's using durable components and quality workmanship that have held a strong competitive edge in the market.    Great service record with a fully functional parts / accessory lists coupled with a well staffed experienced technical service department makes Klimaire a benchmark brand in the mini split industry.


One of the most common questions we receive about Pridioms inventory is why the price points seem to be higher than comparable systems on the market.  The answer to this question can be found in the warranty package that is sold with each system which is by far the best product guarantee in the industry.  Besides for the standard 5 year compressor warranty, Pridiom offers an extended 3 year warranty on all parts and then an exceptional 1 year In house warranty.  This means that from up to 1 year from date of purchase any and all repair costs incurred from labor will be paid for by Pridiom.  Click for details.  Pridiom is one of the more experienced vendors of mini split systems that has from there flagship AMS series Inverter DC systems.



No, all our systems come packaged with a 15-25 foot line set.  These systems also come pre-charged with enough R-410A freon to extend the full length of the included line set.  You will only need to purchase additional tubing if the distance between the indoor air handler and outdoor condenser goes beyond the length of the line set that is included with the packaged system.