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Mini Split USA mission Statement

Here at Mini Split USA, we do not believe there is one all around best system - but we do believe there is a best system for each individual application.  That's why we provide an interface where you can compare and contrast the specifications, features and prices of each available mini split side by side.  This method allows to make the most informed decision when purchasing your system.   Rather than staffing sales reps Mini Split USA staffs a of HVAC technicians whom have worked with almost every brand of Mini Split on the market.  This provides an invaluable recourse not only to our clientele but to the personal who will be conducting installation.  We would rather not sell a system than sell a unit that a customer is unhappy with. 

Our objective is to return the principles of the free market to the HVAC industry.   When a mini split is purchased locally, there are often a number of problems a consumer faces.  For one, they usually have a very limited selection since a contractor can only stock so many types.  This means they are sometimes a unit that isn't perfect for their space - the system that is ultimately installed can be overkill or not the perfect match for the space being cooled / heated since there is only so much to choose from.  You also will often pay an inflated price as the element of product competition is absent from the equation.