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What are the PRO's and CON's of a Mini Split?


PRO's and CON's of a Ductless Split over Window / Portable Units?
Pros: Cons:
  • More Effective / Powerful Capacities to be used as supplementary or primary cooling / heating for a wide range of application areas.
  • More Energy Efficient: higher SEER / EER ratings.
  • Quieter: The noisiest components (compressor fan – condenser motor) are isolated completely outside.
  • Frees up Indoor Space: Air Handler mounts on wall or ceiling.
  • Instead of large, bulky exhaust hose, only a small 2-3 inch hole is made in the wall to connect indoor and outdoor units.
  • Doesn't require Window - Bracket Kit to Ventilate.
  • More Advanced installation that Window-Portable Air Conditioners.
  • In most cases, requires an HVAC technician to conduct or complete the final steps of installation.
  • More expensive than Window or Portable AC's.
  • Considered a more Permanent Installation relative to Portable - Window units.

PRO's and CON's of a Ductless Split over Central Air Conditioners?
Pros: Cons:
  • Less Complicated & Less costly to install than central air.
  • Ductless Systems often feature much better Energy Efficiency ratings.
  • Air is cooled right at the source: no energy loss as a result of conduction / pushing large volumes of air through a series of ducts.
  • No expense of Retrofitting / Maintaining ductwork.
  • Provides more temperature control options.
  • Zone output is often limited to < 36000 BTU's as the indoor Fan Motors only get so large.
  • Some find the wall mount less apealing than ceiling vents*
*Ceiling Recessed Air Handlers match aesthetics of central air - only grille is visible.

Ductless Air conditioners are by far the most effective and efficient "add on system" available. Matches the effectiveness of central air without the expense of retrofitting ductwork.